UH-Oregon State pregame quotes

About facing Oregon State, Tyler said:
“We have to stay poised, stay focused and play hard for four quarters.” (HA)

“We have to play our game. We can’t play the game they want us to play.” (HA)

About how they have to play an entire game well, not just half a game well like in their first 2 games, Tyler said:
“In eight quarters of football, we’ve only played four good ones. We’ve got to play four good ones [against OSU].” (HA)

About being the starting QB again, Tyler said:
“It feels great. I want to do my part for the team. If I’m the best guy for the team, which (the coaches have) decided, then that’s the case. The Lord’s blessed me with those talents and gifts. I’m playing for the team.” (HA)

HA Note: “At the end of every practice, several Warriors gather in a circle and kneel in prayer. After Thursday’s practice, linebacker Solomon Elimimian invited Graunke to join the circle — an action that also proved to be symbolic.”

About how Tyler worked hard for this chance, John Estes said:
“I respect him for coming back and working hard and not giving up. I know a lot of people in that situation would have given up. He already had my respect even before he went through all of that. I was here when he was the quarterback and Colt kind of took his (starting) spot. I had respect for him when he was second string. He won some games for us last year. I know he’s ready to play.” (HA)

About the importance of this game to him, Tyler said:
“This is big time. It’s my Florida for me. I took all of the preparation I had for Florida and I put it into this game. It’s our big game on the road. We’ve got to show what we’re all about. We’re going into a hostile environment. The crowd is going to be against us.” (HA)

HA Note: “Graunke said he is “100 percent.” The headache he suffered against Weber State “went away” Tuesday.”

HA Note: “Cavanaugh either recruited or invited to join to UH nine of the 10 offensive linemen on the Warriors’ two-deep chart. UH offensive line coach Brian Smith was Cavanaugh’s starting center for two seasons. He also worked for Cavanaugh as an assistant at UH and Oregon State.”

About Coach Cav, Brian Smith said:
“He taught me the fundamentals of the game and the passion he has for the game. I thought he recruited well. He left this place well stocked with talent. He did a good job when he was here, and left it in much better shape than when he got here.” (HA)

About Coach Cav, starting LT Keith AhSoon said:
“He believed in us. Even though he left because he had to do what he had to do, I’m glad he gave each of us an opportunity to come (to UH).”

HA Note: “The Warriors, who arrived in Oregon late Thursday night, did a brief walk-through at the University of Oregon’s home field, Autzen Stadium yesterday afternoon. While some players posed and took pictures after practice in the stadium, the oohs and aahs were reserved for the Ducks’ $12 million, 102,000 square foot Casanova Center adjacent to the stadium.”

Calling to his teammates as they took a detour to look at Oregon’s pro-style locker room and awesome weight training facilities, Ryan Mouton said:
“You gotta see this.” (HA)

A UH assistant coach joked:
“Just a little bit better than what we have.” (HA)

About how he felt cheated when he was eliminated in the semifinals of OSU’s annual jan-ken-po tournament, QB Lyle Moevao said:
“All of the guys know who the real champion is. They tried to do slow hand. They’d mess up and say, ‘I messed up, let’s do it again.’ ” (HA)

About Oregon State’s creative offense (with all types of formations and all types of pass routes), Moevao said:
“We’re getting better and better every game. It’s coming along little by little. We have to keep on grinding.” (HA)

About how it is different when being a backup QB than a starting QB, Tyler said:
“It’s a little different preparation.” (HA)

About how Tyler completed 50% of his deep passes (at least 20 yards pass the line of scrimmage) vs. Weber State, Lane said:
“Tyler can throw. He’s a gunslinger.” (HA)

About Desmond Thomas, who replaces Erik Robinson on passing situations, Rich Miano said:
“He’s a veteran. He knows what to do.” (HA)

About using DT Vaughn Meatoga and DE Victor Clore as their blockers at the 15-yard-line on kickoff returns, special teams coordinator Ikaika Malloe said:
“I always like bigger guys on the wedge. Hopefully, we can get the size matchup with bigger guys blocking smaller guys.” (HA)

About the chance that Meatoga or Clore will have to return a kickoff, Malloe said:
“Those big guys catch kicks every day. If we have to catch (the short kicks), we’ll catch them. They’re big, but they’re athletic guys. They could easily play tight end.” (HA)

Asked about possibly returning a kickoff, 305-pound Meatoga said:
“That would be cool. I’ll just cover up the ball and run.” (HA)

About Oregon State, Aaron Bain said:
“These guys aren’t going to play us soft, especially coming off two losses on the road and now they’re playing their first home game.” (HSB)

Excited that the game is a sellout and that a lot of Hawaii people will be there, Mack said:
“I’m really excited about it being a sellout because I know a lot of Hawaii people are going to be there.” (HSB)

About how the 0-2 Oregon State team will be desperate for a win, Mack said:
“It’s obvious they’re in desperation mode and really need a win. Well, so do we. We need a win, too. It’s really important for us to travel well and go over and compete.” (HSB)

About how they can use more of their offense with Tyler starting, Ron Lee said:
“We can open things up. We were just staying with the basic stuff because we didn’t want to get too far ahead. (Graunke) sees it faster.” (HSB)

About starting against Oregon State makes up for how he wished to start against Florida, Tyler said:
“I had dreams about Florida. Now I’ve pushed that out the window and the dreams are about Oregon State.” (HSB)

About Oregon State’s offense, Rich Miano said:
“Moevao, he’s a winner, Sammie Stroughter’s a big-time receiver and they’ve got very good complementary receivers. We’ve got our work cut out for us.” (HSB)

Ikaika Malloe said that Dan Kelly missed 2 FGs against Weber State, but:
“he had a great week of practice. I think he’s back to normal.” (HSB)

Looking forward to the challenge posed by Oregon State’s WRs, Calvin Roberts said:
“Every week it’s like it’s the biggest game of the season and every week you have to treat it like that. It’ll be a challenge, and I’ll be up to it.” (HSB)


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