Feature story on Travis LaBoy

About how Travis and Clark Haggans signed with Arizona as free agents to rotate with Bertrand Berry and Chike Okeafor to serve as twin pass-rushing tandems, Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt said:
“Travis said it yesterday. He considers Bert and himself the same guy – both No. 1s. … We feel very good about that position. It’s one of our strong points.” (AP)

HA Note: “In last week’s 23-13 victory over San Francisco, Berry knocked the ball out of quarterback J.T. O’Sullivan’s hands and had a sack. Late in the game, LaBoy sacked Sullivan, then recovered the quarterback’s fumble. It was one of two sacks for LaBoy. In Arizona’s defensive scheme, LaBoy and his backup, Berry, are defensive ends, while Okeafor and backup Haggans are labeled linebackers.”

About how they can rotate their pass rushers, Whisenhunt said:
“The depth of our outside ‘backers really helps us. We saw evidence of that in the game (against San Francisco) because the guys were really fresh.” (AP)


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