Daniel Libre and Aaran Kia are back!

About receiving medical clearance to practice, Daniel Libre said:
“I’m good, and I’m ready to go.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Warriors have had a run of misfortune at running back. Of the six backs entering training camp, only Jayson Rego has remained healthy.”

About the pre-practice drills he had on the UH soccer field, Libre said:
“It was cutting, figure-8s. I tried to do that before, but it wasn’t working out. No matter how hard I pushed, you could tell I was favoring it. There were no problems (yesterday).” (HA)

About the agility drills, Libre said:
“They were basically testing me to see if I was still favoring my foot. I wasn’t and it felt really good today. I’m pretty excited now that I can run again. I didn’t think I was going to be wearing pads today, but when they said to go get my pads I was ecstatic.” (HSB)

About how his ankle improved significantly recently, Libre said:
“A couple days ago was a big improvement from last week. I was walking at a normal pace, no crutches or anything, but as far as running or putting pressure on it, I couldn’t really do it. I’ve been getting a lot of treatment and rehab and it paid off.” (HSB)

About how Libre and LWJ will play against Oregon State, Mack said:
“Daniel Libre is going to be ready to play, he’s back practicing, and Leon’s going to be ready to go. We worked (Libre) out and he looked like his old self. He has fresh legs. He’s ready to go. I’m excited about that because he’s a good football player.” (HSB)

About how Pilares had to move to RB because because of the injuries to LWJ and him, Libre said:
“I feel bad for having to move Kealoha (from slotback).” (HA)

About moving from slotback to RB, Pilares said:
“When duty calls, you have to get in.” (HA)

About how it wasn’t easy for him to get up to speed at RB for them, Pilares said:
“I only had four days [to practice at RB last week]. Last year really helped. (Running backs) coach (Alex) Gerke helped me a lot. He helped me expect what was going to happen out there. It felt kind of good in (last week’s Weber State) game. I was just a little rusty.” (HA)

Pilares said Gerke’s strenous workouts resulted in him losing:
“five or six pounds. I have to start eating, too.” (HA)

About how they are not expecting Letuli to be able to play this week, OL coach Brian Smith said:
“We’ll see how it goes. As of now, I’m not expecting much from him.” (HA)

About how he’s still injured, Letuli said (I think they are missing a “not” in this quote):
“I’m still at my best right now. It’s very frustrating.” (HA)

About how Letuli is one of his best friends, Oregon State QB Lyle Moevao said:
“We’re best buds. We don’t talk as much, but we’ve been best friends since our high school days. We have a great friendship. His parents and my parents are friends. They do a lot of things together.” (HA)

HA Note: “If Letuli cannot play, the Warriors must make a choice. Are they better off with Kia at tackle and AhSoon at guard, or AhSoon at tackle and Brysen Ginlack at guard.”

About the shuffling at the OL if Letuli cannot play, Smith said:
“We’ll evaluate it and make a decision.” (HA)

About how he hated missing practice, Kia said:
“I appreciate coach (Smith) trying to rest me, but I hate sitting out. I hate not showing that I’m working. I hate not helping out. It feels like I’m not contributing.” (HA)

About working on his blocking techniques to fix the inconsistency in his blocking, which could have been caused by his injuries, Kia said:
“I’m hanging in there.” (HA)

About how he hated to miss last week’s game, Libre said:
“I was real down about missing last week’s game. I had a lot of meetings with the coaches and they convinced me not to push it. I just had to bite my tongue and watch the game.” (HSB)

About moving Pilares back to slot receiver, Ron Lee said:
“We’ll see. He can move back to slot, but he’s doing a good job at running back, too. (Today’s) practice will be the key.” (HSB)

Determined to play at Oregon State, Kia said:
“I’m going to do whatever I legally can to get on that field on Saturday — that is my goal. It’s up to the coaches to put me in, but I’m going to do whatever I can to get myself ready.” (HSB)

HA Note: “Safety Desmond Thomas made a big impact yesterday. An offensive lineman blocked Thomas into head coach Greg McMackin during team drills. McMackin quickly scrambled to his feet, his toughness earning admiration from the players.”

Praising Desmond Thomas (who had been slowed because of a hip flexor), Rich Miano said:
“I like Desmond. He’s been there. He’s done that. He’s smart. He’s played a lot of football for us. He’s made a lot of plays. He’s a veteran back there.” (HA)

About how he’s healthy now, Desmond said:
“I’m cool now. I’m out there 100 percent.” (HA)


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