Other quotes from the local papers

About his first college game, redshirt freshman Vaughn Meatoga said:
“My first game (as a Warrior) was against Florida. They threw me in there. The coaches felt confident in me. I felt confident in myself.” (HA)

HA Note: “The injuries to Rocky Savaiigaea and Laeli have created depth problems at defensive tackle behind starters Leonard and Keala Watson. Vaughn Meatoga is a second-year freshman. Tuika Tufaga did not play in the previous three seasons.”

Meatoga said that he’s adjusting to the quickness and the:
“size of the players in college” (HA)

About how he played 2 years for New Mexico Highlands before serving a church mission in Atlanta, Tufaga said:
“Southern hospitality. I loved everything about it. It was a great experience, a great opportunity to grow up and see the real world.” (HA)

About how Fale Laeli gave him tips during his redshirt year last year, Tufaga said:
“Fale is the man. Hopefully, we can get him back quick.” (HA)

About how he suited up but didn’t practice yesterday, Daniel Libre said:
“I suited up twice, but they told me to go in(to the training room) and rehab. I feel good. It’s all up to them. Whenever they give me the go, I’m going. I already missed one game. I hope I don’t miss two.” (HA)

About how Jake Heun was in uniform yesterday but has not practiced since August 4 (start of training camp), Mack said:
“I would doubt he’ll be ready for the (Oregon State) game. He hasn’t done anything this whole camp. I don’t want to put him out there and hurt him. He’s starting to heal up.” (HA)

About being back at LG yesterday in practice, Brysen “Bulla” Ginlack said:
“I guess I’m getting another chance. I have to make the best of it.” (HA)

About planning to redshirt Dustin Blount and others, Mack said:
“I’d like to redshirt as many good players as we can so they can learn the system, and we don’t have to just throw them in there. The other thing is it gives them an extra year to get their education, and an extra summer to go to summer school.” (HA)

About how he’s going to spend all of his available time rehabbing his shoulder injury, Letuli said:
“I’m going to live in there when I’m not in classes and meetings. I’m going to rehab all this week before we leave and do the best I can to help the team because this is a big game.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Letuli started at left tackle against Florida but injured his left shoulder in the opener and sat out last week’s win over Weber State. He returned to practice yesterday in hopes of being ready for Saturday’s game at Oregon State. He finished practice with the first group as the offense worked against the scout team.”

About how he’ll wear a harness to protect his shoulder, Letuli said:
“I just wanted to see what it felt like without it and see my range of motion and it felt OK. (Today) with pads it’ll be a different story.” (HSB)

About how they will start AhSoon at LT and Ginlack at LG if Letuli isn’t back up to speed before the Oregon State game, OL coach Brian Smith said:
“We’ll see where he’s at and then we’ll make a decision from there.” (HSB)

About going through drills yesterday after missing more than a month due to his back injury, Heun said:
“This is the most practice I’ve gotten since spring. The legs aren’t quite under me all the way yet, that’s just from being out the last month or so. It felt good to be back in there. … It’s just a matter of getting used to Coach (Alex) Gerke’s drills again.” (HSB)

About his hope to make the travel roster for Oregon State, Heun said:
“it’s going to be the coaches’ decision, not mine.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Leon Wright-Jackson didn’t practice yesterday, resting a case of turf toe, but McMackin expects UH’s leading rusher to be ready by Saturday. McMackin wasn’t so sure about the status of Daniel Libre, who’s recovering from a high ankle sprain suffered against Florida. David Farmer, out since the last week of fall camp with a sprained knee, did some running yesterday and could be back after UH’s bye next week.”

HSB Note: “Graunke finished the morning with his last set of rolls and bear crawls. He had endured the grueling post-practice drills to make up for the time he missed during camp.”


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