Feature story on Davone Bess

PBP = Palm Beach Post

PBP Note: “Bess, 5-feet-10 and 190 pounds from Oakland, Calif. and the Univ. of Hawaii, was back deep for all kickoffs against the Jets. He replaced Ginn, who was drafted No. 9 overall in 2007 by the previous regime largely because of his return abilities. Bess ran back the opening kick 21 yards, to the 27. The Jets had seen enough, because the Jets’ collection of kickers squib kicked away from him the rest of the game.”

About how Bess had the first punt return of their regular season, catching the ball at the 5 and returning it to the 30, almost breaking it for a TD, Miami coach Tony Sparano said:
“First punt to the guy, he made a guy miss. I mean, the guy should have made the tackle. Once he makes him miss, it’s a 23-yard gain. He’s a strong kid that has the ability to make somebody miss.” (PBP)

About how Bess had a nice run after the catch to get the 8 yards needed for a first down (6 plays later Miami scored their first TD of the season), Sparano said:
“He caught the ball, he put his foot in the ground and he ran vertical, okay? And he got as many yards as he could out of the play. I think it was an 8-yard gain. But he caught the ball, turn, and ran it right up the field and got the first down on the play. So, I mean, when I see a young guy do those kinds of things like that, that impresses me.” (PBP)

About how Ginn returned the second punt and muffed it (luckily the ball went out of bounds), Sparano said:
“Obviously, if you go get it and put it on the ground, then you’re going to come to the sideline and you’re going to hear me talk about putting it on the ground.” (PBP)

PBP Note: “Ginn, who was the sixth-best punt returner in the NFL in 2007, returned the final three punts Sunday for a total of 13 yards, along with two catches for 17 yards.”

Asked why Bess had their first punt return and Ginn had the rest, Sparano said:
“Because I wanted to see Bess back there. I feel like Bess has the opportunity to make a guy miss right away and I think that that proves to be true.” (PBP)

Hinting that Bess will get more of their punt returns, Sparano said:
“I can see him doing a little bit more, yeah.” (PBP)

About how Bess had been joining QB Chad Pennington at his renowned late-night study sessions, Sparano said:
“I know at one point, (Pennington) and Davone Bess were tied up in a room down here by themselves. That’s valuable for Bess.” (PBP)


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