Tyler was named WAC Offensive Player of the Week

About his second WAC Offensive Player of the Week Award, Tyler said:
“It’s crazy. I got Player of the Week last year when I played one half against Utah State, too.” (HA)

About the win and the WAC award, Tyler said:
“It was a total team victory. “I might have been the match that sparked the fire, but it was a totally different team in the second half. We played like how our motto says: Protect this house. We don’t want to let anybody beat us in our house.” (HA)

About having just 3 full practices before the Weber State game, Tyler said:
“I’m not trying to be the guy who doesn’t practice all week and plays in the games. I’m not like that. I feel I get better every day I practice. Every one of them helped me.” (HA)

About how he needs to get into better shape, Tyler said:
“I have a little bit of a belly. I can’t keep up in the running drills. That’s not what I’m worried about. I have to be in shape to get through four quarters. I feel I’m just about there. This week of practice is going to help. I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait.” (HA)

About how he did not suffer any serious injuries in the Weber State game, Tyler said:
“My head was shaken that night, but I took a little Excedrin. I have a cramp above my right butt cheek. But other than that, I’m 100 percent.” (HA)

Pleased with how Tyler performed against Weber State, Mack said:
“I was really happy how he moved it and it seemed like the receivers, who hadn’t been catching the ball, were catching the ball now. Guys were making plays, and that’s what we have to do. Maybe the offense has been born now.” (HSB)


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