Other quotes from the local papers

About the mild concussion he suffered in the Weber State game, Inoke said about the doctors and trainers:
“I guess they were worried. They didn’t think I was all there. The more I denied it, the more I confirmed I wasn’t OK. I thought I was OK, but they thought I wasn’t all there. They thought it could have been a mild concussion. They were worried I would go out there and take another hit and it would be worse.” (HA)

Noting that Inoke often scrambled instead of waiting for plays to develop, Rolo added that:
“He made (some good) throws out there.” (HA)

About how he scrambled too early in the Weber State game, Inoke said:
“From my own point of view, I could have hung in there and slid around more (in the pocket) instead of taking off unnecessarily.” (HA)

About Ginlack (who started) and Ieru (who took over after awhile) at LG in the Weber State game, OL coach Brian Smith said:
“Neither stood out more than the other. We’re still going to be working with both guys.” (HA)

HA Note: “Smith said the Warriors are better when AhSoon, who started 13 games at left tackle last season, is at left guard. That will not happen until Letuli or Kia are available to play.”

About his return, Letuli said:
“We’ll see how it goes.” (HA)

About his determination to play vs. Oregon State, Kia said:
“I’m going to play no matter what happens. I’m going to do anything I can legally do to get on the field against Oregon State.” (HA)

HA Note: “Ieru, meanwhile, said he needs constant treatment to prevent aches in his right knee. The fourth-year junior underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus after his freshman season. But he said the injury still “haunts” him.”

About how his knee is still sore even after he had the surgery years ago, Ieru said:
“I try to suck it up.” (HA)

About how poor mechanics caused his 2 missed FGs in the Weber State game, Dan Kelly said:
“It seemed my rhythm was off. I haven’t had good warmups in pregame the last two games. It didn’t affect me in Florida, but it affected me this time. I was falling off the ball a lot more. I was pushing everything to my right. I was staying on the ball too much, trying to compensate for it. I got all screwed up. I have to fix it this week.” (HA)

About Kelly’s struggles, special teams coordinator Ikaika Malloe said:
“Sometimes a kicker like Dan over-analyzes things too much. … Sometimes when you over-think, it’ll be like a golfer. You swing just 1 inch wrong one way and the ball flies 10 yards to the right or left. We want to slow him down. He works his butt off as much as I let him. I’ve got to hold him back and let him rest the leg, and on Saturday he’ll be back to normal.” (HA)

Expecting to be medically cleared this week after a herniated disk has kept him out of practice since August 4, Jake Heun said:
“Its been a month and a half. I’m ready to be back.” (HA)

HA Note: “Heun said he has kept busy attending meetings, helping in practice, riding the exercise bicycle and doing weight training that does not involve his lower back.”

Ferd has an interesting article about the criticism of Pac-10 refs, writing in part: “Two years ago, the Pac-10 suspended another crew for a series of errors that cost Oklahoma in a 34-33 loss at Oregon. An onside kick that touched an Oregon player before it went 10 yards was missed, as was the fact that OU, not the Ducks, recovered the ball. So blatant were the errors that this week’s OU trip to UW was in jeopardy for a time. The crew chief from the OU-UO game? Last year he was named the supervisor of Pac-10 officials.” (HA)

About how they followed the 2-point chart when they decided to go for 2 vs. Weber State, Mack said:
“Yeah, exactly. It told us to go for 2 and we did.” (HSB)

About how Meatoga and Tufaga are being prepared to be in the rotation behind Watson and Josh Leonard, DL coach Dave Aranda said:
“This week will kind of bear that out. It’s a blessing – how many weeks ago were we talking about how deep we were at D-tackle? Once you talk about it, it gets taken away from you.” (HSB)

About how Inoke will be their #2 QB if he’s healthy, Mack said:
“If he’s OK, it would be Inoke and Greg (Alexander) to split the (No. 2) reps.” (HSB)

About how winning at Oregon State would give him a win in the state where he was born and raised, Mack said:
“That probably will get me excited. I have a lot of friends and went to school there, high school and college. Have had a lot of calls and that, so that might be a little more emotional. … That’s going to get emotional probably.” (HSB)

Note: UH hasn’t beaten a BCS conference team at their home field since 9/17/94.

About how their players weren’t motivated for Weber State, Cal Lee said:
“It’s tough to motivate them when you show them Weber State. Show them USC, the lights go on and they pay attention.” (HSB)

About how their lack of motivation showed in the first half, Cal Lee said:
“We got hit in the mouth. (In the second half) they realized they had to strap it on and play hard.” (HSB)

About the Weber State game, Cal Lee said:
“It wasn’t the most beautiful game we’ve played.” (HSB)


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