Weber State reflects on the UH game

SE = Standard-Examiner

About how they were doing well in the first half, Weber State coach Ron McBride said:
“Offensively we stayed in our game plan and had a good mix, and (Hawaii) had a tough time adjusting. We also made big plays on defense and we dictated the game.” (SE)

Note: In the first half Weber State had the ball for 18:45 and UH had the ball for just 11:45.

About the penalty they had that prevented UH from punting on their first drive in the 2nd half, McBride said:
“That gave them the opportunity to get back in it. Then they got confidence and got going.” (SE)

About how their offense struggled in the 2nd half, McBride said:
“We went three-and-out, three-and-out and were way out of rhythm.” (SE)

SE Note: “Part of that had to do with the absence of starting running back Trevyn Smith, who had 46 rushing yards in the first half before being sidelined after cramping up.”

About what they learned about their team in the UH game, McBride said:
“We know that we can stand in the trenches and punch it out with a real physical football team.” (SE)


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