Feature on Weber State coach Ron McBride

About how he had his team stay at Turtle Bay and avoids Waikiki, McBride said:
“There’s too many distractions. We’ll stay on the North Shore, where it’s quiet. I don’t want any disturbance, I want everything quiet. I don’t want them to have anywhere to go.” (HSB)

About how some of his teammates want to go to Waikiki, Cameron Higgins said:
“A lot of the guys want to go to Waikiki and see the sights and stuff. But we’re just here for business, not really a vacation.” (HSB)

About how the Florida game motivated them to get ready for this week, Monteilh said:
“We know we could have done a lot better, so we’re ready. We practiced our butts off this past week and just want to get out there and play and show the state that we’ve got what it takes. We know (the Wildcats) can play and they’ve got some local kids who want to prove themselves.” (HSB)

After arriving at Aloha Stadium on Thursday, former St. Louis QB Higgins said:
“This brings back some memories. It gives you the chills.” (HSB)


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