Deseret News article on Weber State’s players from Hawaii

DN = Deseret News

About how he really wants to beat UH, Cody Nakamura said:
“I’m pretty excited about it. I really want to win. I’m going over there for business. I’m not going over there for a little party or anything like that, a vacation. I really want to beat on them a little bit.” (DN)

About how he isn’t upset at UH for not recruiting him, Cameron Higgins said:
“I kind of wanted to go there, but I really just wanted to go where ever I could get a scholarship — take some of the financial troubles off my parents. I ended up here (at WSU) and luckily we’re playing them, so it worked out. It will be a great homecoming and it should be a fun experience.” (DN)

About how they decided to take this game against UH in “December or January”, Weber State coach McBride said:
“When we took the game, it wasn’t an ideal game for us to take. All the pluses outweigh the minuses. Before I’m done here, I want the players to have the opportunity to see what’s over there and see the beauty of it, and to have a chance to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily get the chance to do.” (DN)

About how UH is tough to beat at home, McBride said:
“They’re a tough team, even tougher at home, they don’t lose at home. They beat the best teams in the country over there, it doesn’t matter who it is. It will be a tough game for us. I know that. We’ll get a chance to see how mature we are. It will be interesting.” (DN)

Confident they can beat UH, Nakamura said:
“They’re the same size, the same quickness, the same speed. It’s all mental. If we do the things we’re supposed to like any other game, we should win. I’m excited. I can’t wait. I’m losing sleep.” (DN)

DN Note: “Aloha Stadium should have a strong Weber State presence tonight. Higgins’ father bought about 50 tickets to the game. Nakamura said his friends are bugging him for Weber State T-shirts so that they can “represent Weber State instead of Hawaii.””


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