Tyler was the #2 QB in practice yesterday

About practicing as the #2 QB yesterday, Tyler said:
“I’m happy to be back, and happy the coaches gave me reps. It shows a lot of faith and a lot of trust in me.” (HA)

Apologizing for his mistakes, Tyler said:
“I apologize to everybody, especially myself. I apologize to the people of Hawai’i, the coaches, my teammates, pretty much everybody. I know I didn’t do my part. That’s part of being on a team: doing your part, doing your job. It took me longer than most people to do my job.” (HA)

HA Note: “Earlier this year, the fifth-year senior was suspended from participating in the offseason conditioning program because of academic shortfalls. He met those requirements, and was reinstated for spring training. Graunke and Inoke Funaki, a fourth-year junior, exited the 15 spring practices as co-No. 1 quarterbacks. It was announced Aug. 2, two days before veterans were to report to training camp, that Graunke would be withheld from team activities until he dealt with his academic issues.”

About how he’s had a lot of chances, including those that the public might not know about, Tyler said:
“It’s not really my second chance — or my third, or my fourth. I’ve had a lot of chances. It’s really humbling. I didn’t realize how lucky I was until I didn’t have it any more. It’s a real humbling experience. I’m happy to be back with the guys. Every day, every experience with the guys, I’m taking it in, and loving it.” (HA)

About how he did in practice, Tyler said:
“It felt OK. The balls weren’t really going where I wanted. I didn’t have the velocity I expected to come out with. (But) I’m seeing the field well, and taking advantage of the mental reps.” (HA)

HA Note: “Graunke showed flashes of promise. During the team drills, head coach Greg McMackin huddled with the defensive starters. Soon after, McMackin called for a double blitz, with safeties Keao Monteilh and Erik Robinson shooting through the B gaps (between the guards and tackles). Graunke accurately read the blitz, and lofted a screen pass to running back Leon Wright-Jackson, who sprinted for a long gain.”

About Tyler’s experience, Rolo said:
“He knows what he’s doing. He has a good feel for it. It’s a matter of him getting into better shape.” (HA)

About how they gave Tyler a lot of reps yesterday, Rolo said:
“We wanted to see where he was. I thought he did pretty good. I don’t think he was lights out, but I think he was on time. He was rusty throwing the ball a little bit. But it’s good to have him back. He gives us experience.” (HA)

About how he couldn’t train fully during the summer because of his school situation, Tyler said about his problems:
“I was frustrated (and) I was a little depressed.” (HA)

Tyler said that being reinstated:
“boosted my spirit.” (HA)

About Inoke’s first college start, Tyler said:
“He’s going to do a good job. It fires me up, seeing his whole career, and how far he’s come. He’s really a fan favorite, and he makes plays when he goes in there. I’m so proud of the guy. I couldn’t feel better about him being able to start.” (HA)

Asked when Tyler might play vs. Weber State, Rolo said:
“I don’t want Inoke looking over his shoulder. We’re going with Inoke until we feel it’s time to make a change.” (HA)

About being the #2 QB, Tyler said:
“I’m in favor of doing anything that will help us win. If I’m not on the field, I’ll help the new guys as much as I can.” (HA)

About the reps that they gave Tyler yesterday (Alexander and Brent had no reps), Mack said:
“Inoke’s going to start the ballgame and we just wanted to see where Tyler was. We had plenty of reps from Greg (Alexander) and Brent (Rausch) and we know where they’re at and Tyler hasn’t played for a while. I think he’s got some things to work on, he needs to continue to get better, but we just wanted to take a look at him.” (HSB)

About how Tyler ran extra sprints after practice, Mack said:
“He’s working hard at winning the respect of the football team. I’m really excited about how he has taken care of things. He’s really made a move to improve his life and his academic situation and I’m happy for him. I’m glad he has an opportunity to play his senior year.” (HSB)


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