Feature on Jovonte Taylor

Praising Taylor, Mack said:
“Jovonte is really probably one of our fastest players. And he has a great attitude. He’s not intimidated by anything. He went in and made two catches against Florida, and only had two days of practice. He’s going to get better and better. I’m really excited about him. He’s smart and he’s learning the system.” (HA)

Mack said that a couple of things Taylor did well in the Florida game were that:
“he came back for the ball and he ran past the Florida corner.” (HA)

HA Note: “Taylor had two catches for 28 yards and returned three kickoffs for 57 yards.”

About playing at Florida, Taylor said:
“It was wild. The crowd, it was my first time playing in a game like that, so it was a big thing for me.” (HA)

About having to watch practice instead of participate while he waited for a grade from an English class to be posted, Taylor said:
“It was hard just to sit there and watch the guys practice, because I’m a team player and I like to be with my guys. And for me to just sit on the sideline, it hurt.” (HA)

About how he learned what he could when he watched the practices, Taylor said:
“It really helped in a big way, because I’m catching on really quick. It’s a really fast pace, as far as the routes and reading the defense. Malcolm Lane, coach (Craig) Stutzmann, Michael Washington, they really helped me out with everything.” (HA)

About how he didn’t try to play high school football until his sophomore year when the coach saw him in P.E. class and asked him to play football, Taylor said:
“He came up to me and asked me, ‘How would you like to play football?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ The next day I went out there and practiced with them and he saw what I could do. And the next game, I was starting at running back. I went out there my first game and returned a kickoff like 85 yards.” (HA)

About how his mother Mattie ran track and his father David played football, Taylor said:
“Speed runs in my family.” (HA)

HA Note: “Taylor was the 2007 California Community College 100-meter dash champion, winning in 10.47 seconds. His fastest 100 time is 10.39, which he also ran in 2007.”

About how they moved Taylor to wideout from slotback because of his speed, Mack said:
“We just want more speed outside. We have two good outside players in Malcolm Lane and Greg Salas and he gives us another fast guy outside. Ron Lee and Craig Stutzmann are giving Jovonte and Dustin Blount opportunities to learn the system because they are good athletes and can run. They are both fast, quick competitive guys who are going to help us.” (HA)


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