AhSoon to start at LT, Ginlack at LG

About how he practiced at LT and LG yesterday due to Letuli and Kia being injured, Ginlack (who said he’s more comfortable at LG) said:
“You have to be ready to play anything. I’ll do what I can to help the team.” (HA)

About how AhSoon will be able to adjust quickly back to LT, Brian Smith said:
“(AhSoon) played there all last year, so the move will be fairly easy for him. It’s just cleaning up some of his technique and readjusting to some of the plays. It’ll take some extra meeting time and a little extra work on the field, but he’ll be fine.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Letuli suffered a shoulder injury last Saturday against Florida and Kia is playing through tendinitis in his knees, which led to a busy morning for Ginlack yesterday.”

About practicing with the first team at LG and the second team at LT, Ginlack said:
“It was tiring but it was good reps. The coaches just told me to keep going.” (HSB)

About how Ginlack has been constantly improving, Smith said:
“Bula’s just kept improving all camp; now we’re getting into the season and he’s gotten better. He’s bought into using your hands well with his punch and that’s helped him a lot and I think he’ll be ready to go for this weekend.” (HSB)

About how they experimented with a lot of different combinations on the OL in camp, AhSoon said:
“A lot of guys were in and out in different spots. It gives everyone a chance to explore and see everything. That’s an advantage for them, to get a feel for everything. That’s where it pays off, right here. You never know what might happen — somebody gets hurt and everybody’s there to back each other up.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Kia participated in the first half of practice yesterday, but was out of the team periods. He said he’s been playing through sore knees since spring practice, but the pain flared up during the Florida game. Although he’s been slowed in practice this week, he said he plans to be ready for Saturday’s game.”

About how he’s trying to improve his sore knees, Kia (who brother Micah played with a broken hand in UCLA’s win over Tennessee on Monday) said:
“I’ve been doing everything I can for it. I’m just trusting in the trainers.” (HSB)


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