Miami’s coach praises Bess

SFSS = South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Asked if anybody’s emergence during training camp surprised him, Miami coach Tony Sparano said:
“Yeah, that’s a good question. I think Davone Bess to me and what he did during the course of this training camp, coming from kind of where he came from, meaning the guy wasn’t drafted. He was a free agent player, to see what he did. I know Jeff (Ireland) gave kudos to Donald Thomas, but I would say Davone Bess is a guy that I thought did a nice job in this preseason camp and I also think Donald Thomas did an outstanding job. Those type of players, but Bess would be the guy I think for me.” (SFSS)

Asked if it is OK to have Ten Ginn returning kickoffs and punts while being the #1 WR, Sparano said:
“I think that in a perfect situation, you really wouldn’t want that, but I think if you have a guy labeled, ‘Hey, this is your returner and that was his job one way or the other. But our returners are going to come by other positional players. Ted, (Davone) Bess, those types of people.” (SFSS)


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