Inoke prepares for his first start

About not worrying about all of the opinions out there, Inoke said:
“Everybody has their opinion on what goes on, and what goes on in the media and what other people say or what other people think, you have no control over that. So I just try to take care of what I do have control over.” (HSB)

About how his commitments to church, school, and the Warriors doesn’t give him much free time to see what is being said about him, Inoke said:
“I never really have time to get around to sitting down and watching TV. Sometimes I’ll talk to some of the boys and they’ll be all upset about something they read on the Internet. I just don’t really go on the computer at all. I don’t even have a MySpace or Facebook (page). I guess I’m old-fashioned you could say.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Funaki is the third quarterback to top the depth chart since the second week of fall camp, following transfers Brent Rausch and Greg Alexander, who started last week’s opener at Florida.”

About how Inoke’s personality is one of his strengths, Rolo said:
“I think his personality is his greatest asset. He’s as good a teammate as I’ve ever been around and I would have loved for him to be my teammate when I played. You never see him real high or low, he’s pretty level-headed. When you tell him something and you look him in the eye you can see him processing what you’re saying.” (HSB)

About what he learned from his 2 years as a missionary in the Dominican Republic, which he called a “university for life”, Inoke said:
“It teaches you to grow up and be more mature and handle situations. When I was out there, there were people who didn’t like us, they’d chase us away, say mean things. … You have to learn to continue to have faith and continue to push forward and be positive about the whole thing. In football, things don’t always go the way you planned it and you have to have a positive outlook and continue to try to be better and help those around you.” (HSB)

Expecting Weber State give them a tough game, Inoke said:
“They have a good team and they’re going to come with fire. Especially with the local boys they have. This is their home too and they have something to prove.” (HSB)


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