Inoke is now the starting QB!

About Inoke’s performance in the Florida game (8-11 passing for 110 yards, TD pass, 4 rushes for 14 yards), Ron Lee said:
“He moved the team. He showed good leadership. He scrambled around and made some plays. That’s what we need — somebody to make plays. He made plays pretty much single-handedly. He showed the game wasn’t too big for him.” (HA)

“He made plays and that’s the key. He did some nice things and moved the team.” (HSB)

About Alexander and Brent, Mack said:
“I’m not disappointed in those two guys. I think they have to be in the system a little longer.They’re both going to be good players, and they are good players.” (HA)

Praising the way that Inoke played in the game, Mack said:
“I was really happy the way he competed.”

About how Inoke reacted well when they picked the other 2 QBs ahead of him because they were taller and had stronger arms, Mack said:
“Here’s a guy who’s been in the program for a while, but didn’t complain or gripe. We went with the two other quarterbacks over him because they had stronger arms, basically, and a little more height. All (Funaki) did was be a team member. … It’s the perfect example of a guy finding his role, supporting the other guys, being a team player and then, when he gets his opportunity, making the most of it. That’s what playing and coaching is all about.” (HA)

“I was proud of him because the other two guys got the opportunity and he was a team player and tried to find a role on the team and tried to help the other quarterbacks.” (HSB)

About announcing Inoke’s elevation early to maximize his time to work with the first-team offense, Mack said:
“He’ll have a whole week to prepare for Weber State. I’m excited about him having an opportunity. He’s a class act, and a good football player.” (HA)

About how Inoke’s play vs. Florida earned him the start vs. Weber State, Mack said:
“I thought Inoke Funaki really earned an opportunity to play this week against Weber State.” (HSB)

“Inoke really made the most of the opportunity when he was given a chance.” (HSB)

Mack said that Tyler was reinstated to the team last week and:
“we’re obviously going to try to get a look at him, but he’s way behind right now.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Funaki’s promotion means Saturday’s 6:05 p.m. matchup with Weber State will feature a meeting of two local quarterbacks. Saint Louis graduate Cameron Higgins went 17-for-27 for 286 yards and two touchdowns in Weber State’s 62-6 win over Montana-Western last Thursday.”


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