Quotes from the local papers

After being named the #1 strong safety, Erik Robinson said:
“I’m ready to play in The Swamp.” (HA)

About choosing Robinson over Mana Silva, Rich Miano said:
“I like the fact that he played for us last year. I like the fact that when we’re in meetings, he’s taking notes. I like the fact that he’s always watching films and taking notes and studying. I think he’s really focused on this, his senior year, and being a complete player.” (HA)

About how Josh Leonard will start against Florida, but that Fale Laeli (bothered by a sore knee) will play also, Mack said:
“We’re going to get reps from (Laeli). I don’t know how many reps (Laeli) will get. He’ll play probably 20 snaps.” ((HA)

Wanting to play as much as possible, Fale said:
“If coach said ’20,’ I’m going for 30. It’s an important game.” (HA)

About how he arranged the work schedule so that his assistant coaches can spend quality time with their families, Mack said:
“They need to be with their kids in the morning or at night.” (HA)

About the importance of family in Hawaii, Mack said:
“The most important thing is your family. I have my personal family — my wife, my daughter and my grandkids. But I also have this family — my team. My players, my coaches, that’s my family, too. If you have your family, you have everything.” (HA)

About the difficulty in satisfying all of the ticket requests he’s been getting Lane said:
“It’s stressing me out trying to get tickets for everybody.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “After two days of practice in Atlanta, Lane and running back Khevin Peoples will be traveling back to their home state for the Warriors’ game against the fifth-ranked Gators at The Swamp.”

About the more than 20 family members that will be attending his game, Lane said:
“It’s going to be a good experience. I’m excited to just go back and see my family. I’ve been looking forward to this one since I found out it was on the schedule. Now it’s right around the corner.” (HSB)

About returning to Florida, Peoples (from Tampa) said:
“Yeah, I guess it’s a homecoming, but it’s not a vacation. I’m not going there to hug my cousins or get money from my grandpa. It doesn’t matter who’s there, it’s still a business trip.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Safety Spencer Smith will actually have the Warriors’ first homecoming as the team stops in Atlanta on its way to Florida. Smith is from Marietta, Ga.”

About making the travel roster, Jake Santos said:
“It means a lot. I didn’t know if I was going to be going.” (HSB)

About how Santos will be running their scout team, Rolo said:
“This isn’t charity for him, he’s a good player and he’s coming up there to help us. I look at Jake kind of like my (graduate assistant). He has a nice calming effect. He knows when to speak up and he’s just such a good role model. The effort he puts in knowing he probably won’t get a chance to play is a tribute to his character and he’s going to be successful in life.” (HSB)

About how his mother and older brothers decided to make the trip when he told them he was going, Santos said:
“I’m glad they’re going to get to see me and it shows if you put your time into it and be patient, good things are probably going to come.” (HSB)

About how they are not overlooking UH, Tebow said:
“We are taking them very seriously. They are a good team. When they come to The Swamp they are going to be very motivated. They’ll play with a lot of passion.” (HSB)


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