JD talks about how UH athletes represent the state

About how he told the women’s soccer and volleyball teams that they represent the state, JD said:
“I told them about the ‘ohana feeling, that this is one of the few places in (major college) athletics where you represent a whole state. Here, you’re not just playing for yourselves and your team but the entire state. I told them it is an honor and a responsibility and that we are the only game in town. I told them, ‘You are a focal point of the community and can actually lift the spirits of the whole state with your performance.'” (HA)

About the importance of Hawaii to him, JD said:
“This is where I grew up and, really became an adult. UH — and the state — are where I have shaped my life.” (HA)

HA Note: “Indeed, it was where he met his wife, Tracy Orillo, on their first day of employment. A picture of Donovan in his football playing days (he started on the offensive line for Dick Tomey) hangs in son Joshua’s room. Part of the way he evaluates coaches is by whether he’d feel comfortable if his own children played for them.”

About how it is an honor to play for UH and represent Hawaii, JD said:
“Representing UH and the state is a tremendous honor and that’s something we should never lose sight of.” (HA)

HA Note: “It is a point he has pressed with not only UH staff but in addressing Aloha Stadium staff and to business and community groups.”

About how the athletic department, coaches, and players represent Hawaii, JD said:
“As an athletic department staff, as coaches and as players, we owe it to the fans and people of the state to put our best efforts forward.” (HA)


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