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About how Brent has to make up the practice time that he missed, Ron Lee said:
“Those two days he took off he has to get back. I think the next couple of practices are going to be really important (for Rausch).” (HA)

HA Note: “During yesterday’s one-hour practice, Rausch threw during warmups. In team drills, he threw only a few hard passes.”

About his arm, Brent said:
“I’m OK now.” (HA)

“One-hundred percent, I’m back to normal.” (HSB)

“I just couldn’t get loose, my arm would tighten up on me in my first 10 throws coming out here. I just needed to rest it, let it heal by itself. I did not throw one thing, they wouldn’t even let me touch (a football).” (HSB)

About Tyler’s return to practice, Mack said:
“We’re really happy about that, that he gets to play his senior year. But he’s got to fit into the program. We’ve been out here since Aug. 4 and he’s a little bit behind.” (HSB)

Asked if Tyler can get playing time at QB, Mack said that:
“later on down the line, if he can get some reps and show that he’s a leader and get back with the team, then we’ll evaluate it. I’m just glad he has a chance for himself. It’s been a hard grind on him and he got himself eligible and that’s a step in the right direction. We’re in this thing to work with kids, so I don’t hold any grudges or anything. I just hope that things work out for him.” (HSB)

About being moved from QB to RB, Bryce Kalau’oka’a’ea said:
“Now I have to block.” (HA)

About how they told him he was changing positions just before they went to the practice field, Bryce said:
“There’s too many quarterbacks, so they put me there. That was by surprise, there was some talk that I would go to defense. Oh, it was a big change.” (HSB)

About being yelled at by RB coach Gerke, Bryce said:
“He pushes everybody, even players who aren’t at his position. That’s the kind of coach he is, and it’s good motivation.” (HSB)

About playing Florida, Mack said:
“Playing a Heisman Trophy winner, playing a top team and playing in The Swamp, there’s a lot to look forward to. There’s a lot to be excited about.” (HA)

About how they probably won’t play many games in the Eastern time zone anymore, Mack said:
“I think there are a lot of teams that are on our side (of the country), the West Coast or middle of the country that we can play. There’s no reason to play somebody that far away (again).” (HA)

About the difficulty in their getting to Florida, Mack said:
“Just getting there is going to be a big accomplishment.” (HSB)

About his progress in camp, Erik Robinson said:
“I have more confidence and the coaches are starting to have more confidence in me, too. As far as plays … I ran that last year. It was more getting my rhythm back and getting my confidence back and getting my swagger back.” (HSB)

About Robinson moving up to first team over Mana Silva, Rich Miano said:
“He’s done a great job of taking notes, studying his playbook, looking at film, all the intangible things. He’s been there, played against Georgia, played against Washington. He was really coming on at the end of the season. It’s not gonna be too big for him. And we just feel like, (him) being a senior, being conscientious, he’s gonna do a good job for us.” (HSB)

About how Silva will get to play vs. Florida, Miano said:
“Mana is going to get into the game, too and get his feet wet, so to speak. He’s gonna get baptized, and it’s a great baptismal when you go to The Swamp.” (HSB)

About his return to practice, Sol said:
“My ankle’s feeling a lot better, I’m a lot healthier and I thank God, because you take football for granted sometimes. I’m blessed to be on the field, I’m just blessed to be back at practice.” (HSB)

About starting Brashton Satele at MLB and Sol outside due to Blaze’s injury, Cal Lee said:
“Brashton gives us that big body in the middle, and Solly’s good enough where he can play both inside and out, but it gives us a pretty good rotation with all our ‘backers. This camp was real good where we could play a lot of people and the experience they gained during this camp is going to be valuable this season.” (HSB)

About shuffling their starters at LB, Sol said:
“Brashton’s been doing a great job in the middle and coach thought it would be best for me to play outside. It’s been good and Coach Cal’s doing a great job in helping me come along and make the transition.” (HSB)

About how getting the starter’s reps in camp has increased his confidence, Brashton said:
“I feel confident in my play calls, confident in my reads. I feel like I can play faster now that I know the defense better getting those reps.” (HSB)


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