Q&A with Bess

SFSS = South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Asked what JJ told him that he needed to improve to make it to the NFL, Bess said:
“Probably my understanding of where to be in certain situations. At times, I rushed my routes a lot, instead of being more patient. Knowing when to break and knowing when to get in and out of a break. Just my overall understanding on where to be at.” (SFSS)

Asked if there are slot receivers that he patterned himself after, Bess said:
“Definitely, definitely. I look at everybody. Everybody brings a different dimension to their game. I try to take a little from each guy.” (SFSS)

Asked if he thought he would be drafted, Bess said:
“I had a good feeling that I was definitely going to get drafted. But this is a business, and you never know.” (SFSS)

Asked why he identified the Dolphins as the best fit, Bess said:
“Well, obviously, they didn’t draft any receivers. And I knew they were in need of some receivers. And they showed the most interest. They told me that they actually wanted to draft me, but they had other needs. They showed a lot of commitment to me, and I believe in that a lot.” (SFSS)

Asked if Miami called him during the fifth round of the draft, Bess said:
“Yeah, they called me in the late fifth, early sixth round. But they also told me that weren’t going to be able to draft me. They wanted to, but they couldn’t.” (SFSS)

Asked if the speed difference was significant when they played Georgia, Bess said:
“I think so. Overall as a team, there definitely was. But in the trenches is what really made that game. Our offensive line obviously wasn’t ready for that type of speed. We hadn’t seen that all year, so it really wasn’t their fault.” (SFSS)

Asked how good his conditioning was, when Colt was throwing 60 or 70 times per game, Bess said:
“Oh man, unbelievable. We worked hard a lot. Our coaches and strength coaches did a good job of keeping us in shape.” (SFSS)

Asked if he’s concerned about going from spread offense to pro-style, Bess said:
“Not necessarily, because when I was at Hawaii, we had plays where there were set routes and you had to run routes.” (SFSS)


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