Washington Post feature on Colt

WP = Washington Post

About being drafted in the 6th round, Colt joked:
“Hey, if you don’t go in the first you just wait for the sixth. I mean, look at those guys. Tom Brady? You’re money once you get in the sixth round.” (WP)

About how colt is a natural leader, Jim Zorn said:
“Charismatic. Colt is just one of those guys people like to be around and gravitate toward.” (WP)

About his critics, Colt said:
“I just know there’s been so much naysay and criticism involved around my name. Every time I get a chance to go in there, it’s really to prove a lot of people wrong.” (WP)

WP Note: “In April, Brennan underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right hip, an injury he played with in the Senior Bowl and at the NFL draft combine, where he was the only quarterback to complete all 22 of his attempts to receivers running different routes.”

About his critics before the draft, Colt said:
“They said I was too small, a gunslinger, a street-ball quarterback who only knew how to play in certain systems. I was beat up so much in that draft. I was belittled, berated. They said it was the system, that I played in the WAC. This isn’t a dis’ on Joe Flacco (Baltimore’s first-round quarterback choice), but he went to a D-II school, played weaker competition, didn’t have as successful a year as I did, yet he still went in the first round because he’s 6-5 and can throw the ball 70 yards. You always used to hear Bill Walsh say accuracy and toughness are what makes a quarterback great, and that’s like what I am, accurate and tough. To see me fall, to see so many people say, `he’ll never make it in the NFL, he’s a worthless pick,’ I couldn’t believe it.” (WP)

Colt sighed and added:
“That’s all right. If you think it was hard to come back from being falsely accused of sexual assault, going through a trial and all that, it’s real easy to come back from being criticized for not being a good football player.” (WP)

About the end of his probation, Colt said:
“December 14 probation was up. I look back and know what I did and what I didn’t do and I realize I can’t ever put myself in a situation like that again. But I also do the reverse on it, too. I don’t look at it like that’s always going to be brought up. I look at it as, I’m a convicted felon. That’s how dangerous our society can be and how far I had to go to get here. I need to grow from that, the sensitivity of the issue, to make sure that doesn’t happen to another kid in a similar situation.” (WP)

Putting his fall in the draft in perspective, Colt said:
“Ever since that happened in Colorado, every dream I’ve ever had as a little kid is starting to come true. I was fourth-string walk-on QB. Two years later I was a Heisman Trophy candidate. And now I’m on an NFL field. I got a lot of faith, a lot of faith.” (WP)


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