Feature on Travis LaBoy

EVT = East Valley Tribune

EVT Note: “LaBoy plays the team’s hybrid “predator” position, a combination defensive end/linebacker. Because he starts from a standing or “up” position, the Cardinals generally refer to this as a linebacker spot. But opponents refer to it as a defensive end, linebackers coach Bill Davis said.”

About the predator position, LB coach Bill Davis said:
“When you break it down, they rush a lot more than they drop (into coverage). They’re pass rushers more than they are linebackers.” (EVT)

About the predator position, LaBoy said:
“It’s a glorified defensive end, really.” (EVT)

EVT Note: “Upon arriving in Arizona he had someone design a pro-wrestling style, jewel-encrusted championship belt ā€” LaBoy sometimes trains with pro wrestlers ā€” to be given to the player who rings up the most sacks on any given week.”

Describing his game as doing “a little bit of everything OK” instead of dominating in any one area, LaBoy said:
“I hope I’m well-rounded. I run to the ball. A good motor.” (EVT)

Praising LaBoy, Davis said:
“Travis is real explosive. He’s got a lot of power. The (Cardinals) scouts did a great job of finding him. He has pass-rush ability. And in our system, our outside guys’ first talent is outside rush ability. The other thing we saw on tape is how strong he was in the run game.” (EVT)

Praising LaBoy’s game against Kansas City, Davis said:
“He really had a nice game, showing that combination of power and pass rush.” (EVT)

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said that LaBoy’s big game vs. KC:
“solidifies our belief he’ll be a good player for us. Needless to say, we were excited to get Travis in free agency. We thought he would fit well defensively into our scheme.” (EVT)

About how LaBoy’s flexibility poses problems for an offense, Whisenhunt said:
“Defensive football is a lot about matchups ā€” getting a guy like Travis matched up against a back in (pass) protection … or Adrian Wilson getting matched up on a back. Having guys who have those skills is going to give us a lot of flexibility.” (EVT)


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