UH concerned about the protest over the Cooke Field contract

About UH’s concern over the delay in beginning the Cooke Field work, JD said that a protest over the contract award hasn’t delayed things beyond this season’s use but:
“certainly it is a monkey wrench in the gears that, unfortunately, could make that a reality.” (HA)

HA Note: “More than a week ago, Gov. Linda Lingle released $1,225,000 for the installation of a new playing surface on the Clarence T. C. Ching Athletic Complex, formerly known as Cooke Field. Two days later, RMY Construction was announced as the low bidder at $862,381, UH said. But later that day a protest was filed by CO-HA Builders, according to documents released by UH.”

In its filings, CO-HA states that:
“RMY did not submit a responsive bid as required by the Hawai’i Procurement Code” and is asking UH to “reject” RMY’s bid and “award the project to the next lowest responsible bidder provided for in the procurement code.” (HA)

About the protest, UH-Manoa spokesman Gregg Takayama said:
“The protest letter is under review by the UH legal counsel and UH procurement office (and) until that’s done, all work has been suspended.” (HA)

HA Note: “Prior to the protest, construction was to have begun this month and been completed by Oct. 31. But Takayama said yesterday he was unable to supply, “… new projections on the completion date.” The football and track teams, among others, have waited several seasons for a new surface to replace the weed-strewn infield that has been declared a safety hazard. The football team, which opens its season Aug. 30, practices on a grass field but plays seven home games and three of its six road games on artificial turf this season. In addition to sports teams, the infield was to have been used by intramural sports, the marching band, ROTC and other activities.”

About how they need the field done as soon as possible, JD said:
“My concern is for the (athletes) that would use the field. The faster that we can get it replaced, the more benefits for everyone that uses it. From my perspective, anything that delays the process is highly irritating. After all, it is all about the (students).” (HA)


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