Quotes from the local papers

HA Note: “Under the NCAA rule implemented for this season, at the end of every play, the referee takes a deep breath, then signals for the 40-second clock to start. That rule is similar to the one used in the National Football League. Last season, the NCAA 25-second clock did not start until the officials marked the ball ready for play.”

About how the new 40-second rule is important on long incompletions, Malcolm Lane said:
“Then you have to come all the way back (while the clock is running).” (HA)

About how last year’s rule was more flexible, Rolo said:
“When the refs took their time to put the ball down, there was more thinking time. Now, it’s pretty fast, especially when guys take deep routes. You have to take (into consideration) substitutions, fatigue, and all of that stuff. You almost have to have two scenarios ready in your head for a completion and an incompletion.” (HA)

About their 2.5-hour practice at Aloha Stadium, which included a full officiating crew and a 40-second clock, Mack said:
“We went the whole (practice) and didn’t have a penalty on the 40-second clock, and we had officials. I was really pleased at how our tempo is right now.” (HA)

About how they had to be careful to make the correct pre-snap reads despite the 40-second clock, Estes said:
“We might not get delay-of-game calls, but we don’t want to snap the ball before we want to. We have to have our calls before we snap it.” (HA)

About adjusting to the 40-second rule, Brent said:
“I was trying to get used to the pace of the game — running every play and turning around and getting back to the huddle real quick. It definitely takes some getting used to.” (HA)

HA Note: “The coaches also tried to get the Warriors accustomed to the warm conditions they will face for the Aug. 30 opener against Florida. The Warriors, who usually practice in the morning, began yesterday’s workout at 12:30 p.m. The Aloha Stadium crew also watered the FieldTurf in the morning. The combination of moisture and mid-day sun was to create a sauna effect.”

About practicing in the heat and humidity at Aloha Stadium, Mack said:
“It was hot. I’m sweating.” (HA)

About how they attempted to simulate the heat and humidity in Florida, Lane (who lived in Florida) said:
“There’s nothing you can do to simulate the Florida weather. It’s a lot more humid. … It’ll be all right. When there are tough times, tired times, you have to fight through it.” (HA)

About how he expects to practice today after his JC transcripts are confirmed, Jovonte Taylor said:
“I’ll be out there … for sure.” (HA)

About how he might redshirt this season since seniors Washington and Bain are ahead of him, Ryan Henry said:
“It might work in my favor to redshirt. I’ll still have two years to play. I don’t want to waste a year.” (HA)

About how he’s preparing as if he’ll play this year, Henry said:
“I’m still trying to work up the depth chart. I’ll talk to coach and see what he thinks is best.” (HA)

About how UH fans can follow the games via Hawaii IPTV, John Fink (VP/GM of KFVE/KHNL) said:
“It is a great opportunity for parents (of UH players) and ex-pats to follow UH. It is like putting a cable box in your house anywhere in the world.” (HA)

“KFVE has been a proud supporter and partner of UH sports for 25 years. It’s a wonderful opportunity, through Hawaii IPTV, to be able to give our athletics and athletic programs this kind of exposure outside of the state.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The agreement excludes UH road games and any games blacked out due to ESPN or other nationwide television broadcasts.”

HA Note: “Seven UH football games, 22 Rainbow Wahine volleyball matches and 24 men’s basketball games are among the initial offerings planned in addition to baseball, men’s volleyball and women’s basketball, according to Hawaii IPTV’s Web site (www.TVfromHawaii.com). Fink said Hawaii IPTV has the rights to select from KFVE’s 100 sporting events offered. UH road contests and games carried by ESPN and the Western Athletic Conference TV partners are not available.”

About how Hawaii IPTV has offered UH sports and other Hawaii shows including local news and entertainment since 2007, director of marketing Jon Bryan said:
“We have subscribers in Tahiti, Japan and Europe. The beauty of Internet protocol television is that you can connect your TV to the Internet and you don’t need a computer.” (HA)

About how his teammates helped him when he needed support when his mother was dying from cancer, Vaughn Meatoga said:
“They really had my back, especially the way they rallied around me during that time. If they can get my back during something like that, they can get my back on the field, too.” (HA)

HA Note: “He called on teammates just days before her death and they answered, showing up at Hawaii Medical Center-East to pray over her.”

About how his teammates supported Meatoga, Mack said:
“This is a close team and they all love Vaughn and think the world of him. Coaches and players rallied around him and he’s a class act. We’re a part of his family, too. He’s got a great family and I know his mom is watching over him, too.” (HA)

About how he’s learned both DT positions to be able to help out where needed, Meatoga said:
“I learned both (left and right) sides, so if I get in the game, I can take out either person.” (HA)

About how Metoga’s game has been “coming along”, DT coach Ikaika Malloe said:
“I would feel confident putting him in the game if I need to.” (HA)

About how he’s gotten a lot of practice reps due to their injuries at DT, Meatoga said:
“It’s going pretty good so far, I’ve been getting a lot of reps, especially because Fale guys have been out. I’ve just been lucky. I’m learning how to push through when I’m tired. The coaches have a lot of confidence in me so that gives me confidence.” (HA)

Mack said that Meatoga is:
“a big factor in our plans. We’re going to have fun this season, and he’s going to be a big part of it.” (HA)

Meatoga said that he had a hard time staying motivated after his mother’s death, but:
“my family and my girlfriend helped me to stay on track, and whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and it just made me stronger.” (HA)

About being inspired to get playing time in games, Meatoga said:
“(My mom) can make it to every one of my games now.” (HA)

About how they had a live practice at Aloha Stadium, Brent said:
“They were coming a lot harder, there was a lot more competition. They were getting excited trying to hit somebody. I was running a little bit faster, throwing a little bit harder. It felt good.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Warriors practiced on their home field for the first time in fall camp, using the first of two opportunities to work out at Aloha Stadium. Game conditions were simulated, from the cooling misters on the sidelines to the coaches testing out the headsets in the booth.”

About how they tried to get the turf to be hot like it will be in Florida, Mack said:
“This is the time we’re actually going to play there, so we tried to get on the turf where it’s as hot as it can be. They watered it right before we came in so it would steam up a little bit. It’s not as hot as we’re going to get, but we’re going to work on it a couple of times. … It’s the first time for a lot of the guys, it’s an impressive stadium, it’s fun to be here and it sort of spiced up practice. It made every drill game-like.” (HSB)

About how yesterday was his first time inside of Aloha Stadium, Brent said:
“I could not wait. I was definitely looking forward to this. … It was pretty important getting used to the scenery and just getting a feel for the place.” (HSB)

About their competitive practice, Brent said:
“The level of competition was way up on offense and defense. It definitely feels like the season’s here. I have to learn a little bit more, pick up my progressions a little bit quicker, but I’m ready.” (HSB)

About their success with the 40-second clock, Mack said:
“We’ve been working on that, but (yesterday) it was regulated, and it was a game situation and we didn’t have a single 40-second clock penalty.” (HSB)

About practicing in the middle of the day, Erik Robinson said:
“We’re playing at 12:30, and they say it’s going to be real hot, so we came out here to play in the middle of the day. We were out there just working for it, getting ready.” (HSB)

About how 3 defenders collided when going for an INT in practice, preventing him from getting his 3rd pick yesterday, Robinson said:
“Des was going for the ball. I could have got it, but Des got his hands on it. Give credit to Des.” (HSB)

About practicing in Aloha Stadium, Mana Silva said:
“The (turf) is fast. You can make plays a lot better. Coach (Greg McMackin) wants us to make plays and we’re just out here doing what he tells us.” (HSB)

About how being at Aloha Stadium reminded him of how close the season is, Silva said:
“You get that feeling to really get your mind right. It’s good.” (HSB)

Pleased after their practice finished yesterday, Ron Lee said:
“I think we’re right on schedule. It’s the execution that has to improve. It’s a long season and we’ve got to get better, but I was happy with the work.” (HSB)


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