Q&A with Bess!

SFSS = South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Asked where he thinks he is in their WR competition, Bess said:
“That’s not my decision to judge where I’m at right now. I just know that I’m giving it my all and I’m working hard to compete and earn a roster spot. It’s a good competition at the receiver spot and everybody is pushing each other, making us all better.” (SFSS)

Asked what he thinks he’s done to earn a roster spot, Bess said:
“Personally, I think I’ve done a little bit of everything. I’m just trying to get better, like I said. There’s so much room for improvement and I can’t be satisfied where I’m at. I’m still urging to get better.” (SFSS)

Asked if doing special teams might give him an edge, Bess said:
“Definitely, wherever they want me to play that’s where I’m going to be. It’s not my decision to be where I want to be and I’m just here to contribute and help the team.” (SFSS)

Asked if he’s talked to the coach and if the coach has talked to him, Bess said:
“I’ve talked to all of them, not personally. I’m pretty sure they talk to all of the players. Every coach wants a relationship with their players, but at the same time, I don’t take anything for granted. I’m coming out every day giving it my all, and trying to earn a spot on the team.” (SFSS)

Asked if he’s nervous knowing that any play could put him on the line, Bess said:
“I think it’s more of an excitement than a nervous thing. When the lights are on you have to perform. That’s what we’ve been doing pretty much our whole careers. I’m looking forward to it and I can’t wait to actually get under the lights and be able to perform again.” (SFSS)

Asked how long it takes for a QB and WR to develop a good relationship, Bess said:
“I don’t have an exact answer for that, but at the same time, me and my quarterback at the University of Hawaii, (Colt Brennan) we’ve known each other for three years. We clicked instantly. We were actually good friends off the field. I think your relationship off the field just as well as your relationship on the field is just as important. The more and more reps we get with Chad (Pennington), the more and more opportunities we get to spend with him off the field, going to the movies like we did last night, just anyway in general is definitely going to help your chemistry.” (SFSS)

Asked if he tries to buddy up with the QBs, Bess said:
“No, I wouldn’t say buddy up, but you definitely want to be on the same page at all times with your quarterback. It carries over to the field definitely.” (SFSS)

Asked when he felt comfortable at Hawaii and if he’s feeling comfortable in Miami, Bess said:
“It took me about a whole year at Hawaii. Obviously, the offense was, I wouldn’t say complicated, but it definitely wasn’t easy. The more and more reps I got of it, the more and more comfortable I got with the offense. The same thing here, I don’t see myself getting comfortable at anytime being in this level, especially with the expectations I want from myself. I want to be great. I want to be the best I can be for the team and make as many plays possible. I know in the NFL you can’t get comfortable, you always got to be hungry.” (SFSS)

Asked if he’s sizing up his competition about who is catching how many balls, Bess said:
“No, not necessarily, if anything, I go up and congratulate them because they do the same thing in return. Like I said, as long as we do that it’s helping the group and everybody is clicking together.” (SFSS)

Asked if he still talks to Colt, Bess said:
“Yeah, I talk to him every other week or so. We’re all pretty busy so when we have a little free time off I go out and call him and we have a little conversation or a good text message.” (SFSS)

Asked if he finds any similarities between them about trying to get a roster spot, Bess said:
\”Somewhat, exactly. We all, all of the guys that I played with at college are out and working hard to earn a roster spot. That’s the biggest goal right now.” (SFSS)


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