Quotes from the Star-Bulletin

About their injuries, Mack said they are fighting through some:
“little nicks. But I’m pleased with how things are going. I think our offensive line is blocking blitzes better. I think our defense is really running to the ball and playing faster. I think we’ve come a long way in the last three days.” (HSB)

Not concerned with their injuries on D right now, Mack said:
“We have two weeks to the ballgame and most everybody’s going to be back (this) week. The only two guys out are Rocky (Savaiigaea) and Blaze (Soares), everybody else we’re just making sure they’re OK. We’re fine, we’re just treating anything and it gives the backups reps, so it just makes us stronger.” (HSB)

About camp, Keala Watson said:
“It’s been a good time every summer camp. It’s special when you can bond with your teammates and get cohesiveness within the team.” (HSB)

About Mack, Hiram de Fries said:
“He’s a real solid football coach, and teams take on the persona of their coaches. You look at the Hawaii tape and the thing you notice is they play hard. We don’t expect that to change. Nobody’s taking this as a warm-up. Everyone’s anxious to see what kind of team Hawaii brings.” (HSB)

About how Florida is taking UH seriously, de Fries said:
“Hawaii’s coming off a BCS game and that’s the way we look at it.” (HSB)

About how Florida is interesting in Manti Te’o and many other local recruits, de Fries said:
“Manti’s a great football player. I saw him in the Saint Louis game last year. Absolutely. Having said that, I don’t think he’s the only one. Our recruiting guys are in communication with players from Hawaii all the time.” (HSB)

About how higher fuel costs should keep Hawaii recruits at home instead of going to the mainland, de Fries said:
“I see the world energy situation always being precarious, as long as it’s oil-based. Because of Hawaii’s location, it really impacts more. Parents will have a hard time getting here to watch their sons’ games because of the higher fuel prices.” (HSB)


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