Feature on Rolo

About selecting Rolo to be his QB coach, Mack said:
“I just knew Rolo would be a great coach. I don’t care about whatever. He’s a leader. He’s got heart. He knows our system, and he knows how to teach it. He’s run it. He’s played it. He knows it as well as any quarterback coach in the country.” (HA)

“I wanted a run-and-shoot quarterback who had played it and could relate to people. I went after Rolo.” (HA)

About how he never coached Rolo, but felt during the recruiting process that Rolo had the qualities found in natural coaches, Mack said:
“Coaching is about being a teacher — relating and caring about other people. That’s something he has.” (HA)

About being 28 years old, 3 years older than Inoke, Rolo said:
“I look at (the age difference) as a positive, where I can relate to them. “I can understand what they’re going through.” (HA)

About how he shared his UH history with Brent, about how he won the starting QB job in training camp but lost it after 2 games, Rolo said:
“I came in, and I didn’t give it everything I had, but I won the starting job, and it was taken right away.” (HA)

About how he told Alexander the part of his UH history where he was the backup QB and took over for Chang and led the team to an 8-1 record that season, Rolo said:
“I told Greg (Alexander, the backup quarterback) the second part of my story. I was able to relate to both of them.” (HA)

About being a QB coach, Rolo said:
“I always hear good players can’t be good coaches, and things like that. I feel it’s just another way to prove yourself. People told me I couldn’t play quarterback since high school. So I feel I have to take it the same way and focus my energy to being as good a coach I can. That’s kind of where I am with that. I look at it as another challenge. There are some doubters. This is probably one of the most coveted places for a quarterback. I have a big responsibility, and I’m taking it seriously.” (HA)


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