Quotes from pool day

About his jump off the 10-meter board (all first-year Warriors made the jump, as expected), Jameel Dowling (who doesn’t know how to swim so he wore orange flotation bracelets) said:
“It was crazy. I was scared when I looked down, but I got it done.” (HA)

Dustin Blount took 3 running starts before coming to screeching halts, but he said that on his third attempt:
“I was trying to stop, but I built up too much momentum.” (HA)

About how he somersaulted once during his fall, Blount said:
“I didn’t even try to flip. It just happened.” (HA)

About being the last to jump, Mana Silva said:
“I surf and stuff, but when it comes to jumping into a pool, I get scared. They thought I could jump off like nothing. I never rode a rollercoaster before. Every time we go to an adventure park, I’d have to wait for my family until after they rode the roller-coaster.” (HA)

“People don’t know but I’m scared of heights, I’ve never rode a roller coaster.” (HSB)

About how he jumped twice, Silva said:
“I had to do it again. I had to break the fear.” (HA)

Happy that pool day dive is behind him, Silva said:
“It feels good to have it over with.” (HSB)

About making the jump, Haku Correa said:
“I was kinda scared at first, but the adrenaline gets you pumped, so I just did it. I just went up there, I looked, went back and ran off and jumped. … All the rookies have to do it.” (HSB)

About how he added a backflip to his dive, Corey Paredes said:
“I wasn’t scared to jump off, but I wanted to do a gainer, that’s what made me nervous.” (HSB)

About shortening yesterday morning’s practice, Mack said:
“We’ve had 13 practices, I think it’s a good day to cut back, go have some fun.” (HSB)

After their morning practice, Mack said:
“I think we’ve become a team these last two practices.” (HSB)


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