Hercules adjusting to the NFL

About adjusting to the NFL, Hercules said:
“They have me centering with the second and third team, and I’m hanging in here. The transition for me is tough. So much to learn and it’s like moving to college from high school.” (HSB)

About adjusting to run blocking, Hercules said:
“The challenge right now is getting down the run blocking. (At Hawaii), I only blocked on pulling plays. We threw most of the time, so pass blocking is not as challenging for me right now as learning the run schemes.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “In practices earlier this week, Satele was positioned at left guard as well as center, and is penciled in with third and fourth teams. For now, that’s not a concern because the 6-2, 308-pound native of Long Beach, Calif., is clearly occupied with technique, education and adjustment.”

About why he and his agent selected Arizona, Hercules said:
“We know of coach (Ken Whisenhunt’s) work with the Steelers and the reputation of (offensive line coach) Russ Grimm. With that combination, we knew Arizona would be a good fit, and I’m excited to be here.” (HSB)

About how he’ll adjust to all of the new formations and other things, Hercules said:
“I’ll do it, I’ll get it done. At the beginning now, everything is hard and everything is a challenge.” (HSB)

About how he needs to learn quickly to make the team, Hercules said:
“To make this team, I can’t make any mental errors. Coaches will point something out to you and better not (need to) repeat that. You cannot make the same mistake twice.” (HSB)


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