Ching turf replacement is on hold!

HA Note: “On Wednesday, RMY Construction was ruled the low bidder at $862,381, UH officials said. But later that day, UH-Manoa spokesman Gregg Takayama said a protest was filed by the second-lowest bidder.”

About how the turf installation is on hold until the protest is resolved, Takayama said:
“Under state rules, this puts a ‘freeze’ on any further action or construction work pending resolution of the protest. UH procurement and UH-Manoa officials are in discussions with (school) legal counsel of this matter.” (HA)

Gov. Lingle’s office said in a statement that:
“the previous turf was removed due to extensive deterioration. As a result, the current surface is unfit for UH football practices, track and field, UH marching band, intramural sports, ROTC practices and other activities.” (HA)


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