Gainesville Sun article on UH’s travel costs

GS = Gainesville Sun

About how travel costs are hurting UH’s budget, Clapp said:
“Like anything else, it’s a challenge. We’ve always been aware with the cost of travel. Right now, there’s a heightened awareness. Our coaches and administrators are trying to be creative.” (GS)

GS Note: “Clapp said Hawaii’s athletic travel budget, at $2.75 million last year, is expected to increase to $3.2 million this year. That accounts for 10.75 percent of Hawaii’s athletic budget.”

GS Note: “Clapp said the school is trying to offset some of the costs with increased ticket sales and increases in the value of radio and television rights. Hawaii also faces substantial travel costs in recruiting, because many of its athletes come on visits from the mainland.”

About how they will still recruit mainland players, Clapp said:
“It will cost more to bring student athletes to visit, but we’re making a commitment to recruit the best student-athletes we possibly can. We’re not going to back away from that because of the cost of travel.” (GS)


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