Feature on Greg Salas

HSB Note: “Greg Salas searched frantically. It was the second half of Hawaii’s tight contest with Nevada in Reno last year, and Jason Rivers, the starter at “X” receiver (left wideout) got hurt and needed to come out of the game. Salas, Rivers’ backup, was in disbelief – he couldn’t find his helmet, when at last an opportunity had arisen. Hawaii was forced to call a timeout to get the harried second-year freshman in the game.”

About costing them a timeout during their 28-26 win at Nevada, Salas said:
“I got yelled at and everything. I was pretty bummed out, I thought it might have cost us the game.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “He swears to this day that one of the linemen must have knocked his helmet back onto the track around the Mackay Stadium field. Meanwhile, during the game, backup quarterback Inoke Funaki couldn’t stop laughing. He and Salas shared a bond as reserves as part of the “sideline crew,” as the QB put it, and the two also connected for their first career touchdowns on a 24-yarder against Northern Colorado earlier that year.”

About how he and Salas joke during games about how they would be going in, Inoke said:
“We would always fake-call like he was going to go in. It was like the boy who cried wolf.” (HSB)

About wanting to avoid the Nevada situation again, Salas said:
“Hopefully this year I won’t have to do that again.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Salas went home to Chino, Calif., over the summer and trained with his old Chino High School quarterback, AJ Gracia, focusing on improving his speed and strength.”

About the change in Salas’ work ethic, Ron Lee said:
“I think he was a little too laid-back (last year), which is kinda his personality. I think he’s beginning to understand what it’s all about as far as practice, preparation. As far as understanding, the route-running, he’s so far along. He’s gonna have a huge year – I really feel this will be a breakout year for him.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The results have been laid bare for all to see during the Warriors’ first week of fall camp in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. Salas handled a low grab in stride for a would-be touchdown on Friday, then managed extra efforts for two more possible scores Saturday.”

About how he’s still preparing as if he doesn’t have a starting spot locked up, Salas said:
“I’m still approaching it as everybody still has the same shot, which everybody does. I’m just trying to act like I’m second, still. I’m just trying to push myself. Definitely I knew I’d have an opportunity this year, and knew I’d have to work for it.” (HSB)

About how Salas’ personality helped him adjust to Hawaii, Inoke said:
“He has kind of a, I’d say, local-boy mentality. That’s how I kind of see him being. If I didn’t know he was from California I could easily mistake him for being one of the boys from around here.” (HSB)

Agreeing with what Inoke said:
“I’m just a fun guy who likes being friendly with everybody. “It doesn’t surprise me much (for him to say that).” (HSB)

About how the Nevada incident will not happen this year to Salas, Inoke said:
“This year he’ll have his helmet on his head, not under the bench.” (HSB)


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