Tyler update

HA Note: “Quarterback Tyler Graunke said he needs to finish incomplete classwork to rejoin the University of Hawai’i football team. Graunke said he has been given an opportunity to do so, and if everything works out, he is hopeful of joining the Warriors “by Monday, at the latest.” ”

HA Note: “But Graunke said he is being withheld from training camp, which opened Monday, because of “academic reasons.” He said he did “not do as well as I would have liked” in a summer-session class. He said the class is part of his major, and he has not met all of the obligations of the class, but it is not too late to correct the deficiencies.”

About how he has another chance to fulfill his academic requirements, Tyler said:
“I have one more opportunity to get the mark I need.” (HA)

HA Note: “The second summer session ā€” and 2007-2008 academic year ā€” ends next week.”


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