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Tyler Graunke reinstated!

March 19, 2008

About being reinstated to the team after his 40-day suspension, Tyler said:
“I had to do my part, and I’m back. Everything is behind us.” (HA)

“We’ve put it behind us and I’m on the team. I’m sorry I put myself in this situation, and I apologize to my teammates and fans and especially myself.” (HSB)

“I’m sorry I put myself in that position and I’m never going to let it happen again.” (HSB)

About how Tyler completed academic improvements, community service, and paid a fine, Mack said:
“Tyler and I did meet (yesterday) and he has fulfilled his obligations. He’s done a good job. What that is is between he and I. He’ll be back (today).” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Graunke was to participate in the team’s Super Games “no rules basketball” event at Klum Gym this morning, then throw passes with the other quarterbacks and receivers this afternoon. Before Graunke’s suspension, he was considered almost a sure thing to be the Warriors’ starting quarterback to open the season Aug. 30 at Florida. But McMackin said last week the quarterback spot is “wide open.” Junior Inoke Funaki will be No. 1 going into spring practice, which starts March 31. Senior Jake Santos, and freshmen Shane Austin, Kiran Kepo’o and Bryce Kalauokaaea will also be in camp. Junior college transfers Greg Alexander and Brent Rausch join the team in the summer.”

HSB Note: “At the time of the suspension, Graunke said it was a minor academic glitch that had to be taken care of. But yesterday he told the Star-Bulletin that “issues having to do with partying in the dorms” several years ago contributed to his problems.”

About the reasons for his suspension, Tyler said:
“It was pretty much all academics, but I had a hold on my records and I had to get that off. I had to do community service and I had a fine I had to pay because things were lingering on my record. Coach (June) Jones let it go, Coach Mack, he’s not messing around. He said I need to get it taken care of.” (HSB)

About how part of his academic issue was because he wasn’t taking enough classes to be a full-time student, Tyler said:
“I had three classes when you need to be in four to be a full-time student. I had to scramble to get in one.” (HSB)

About how he didn’t work out with his teammates during his suspension, Tyler said:
“It was really depressing to not be around the team when I’m supposed to be a leader.” (HA)

“Everybody was pretty supportive. But I kept to myself, I was embarrassed and depressed. I worked out on my own, one to three times a week.” (HSB)

“definitely discouraging and kind of depressing. Actually, the last month has been really tough for me. I should have come back a lot quicker. But things happen. I’m glad to be back on before spring practice. I’m going to work hard to prove to the guys I’m their guy.” (HA)

Excited about rejoining the team, Tyler said:
“This is going to be fun for me, getting back out there with the team and showing I deserve to be there. It’s over and I’m not going to look back.” (HSB)

Reminded that Colt overcame adversity also, Tyler said:
“We all have our speed bumps in life. I think I’m passed mine.” (HSB)

About how he is 6′ and 192 pounds now, Tyler said:
“I want to put on 10 more pounds, maybe (get up to) 205. That would be cool.” (HA)

About how Inoke will enter the Spring as the #1 QB, Tyler said:
“If I have to start on the bottom of the depth chart again, it’s not going to bother me. I’ve done it before. I’m willing to accept any challenge.” (HA)