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Tyler is on the Spring Roster

March 8, 2008

About how Tyler’s name is on the Spring Roster and he could be back for Spring Practice, Mack said:
“Tyler’s doing what he’s supposed to do and his progress will be evaluated.” (HSB)

Jim Donovan is the AD selection!

March 8, 2008

Asked to comment on his selection for AD, JD said:
“I’m aware that my name has been listed on the regents’ agenda and in respect for the process, I will withhold comment until next week’s meeting.” (HA)

“I am aware my name has been forwarded to the regents. But out of deference and respect to the university and the chancellor and the regents, I will make no comment until after the meeting next week.” (HSB)

HA Note: “However, the news was greeted with jubilance in the Donovan family, which has long known of his dream of heading the UH program, something he has had his eye on for more than 20 years, friends say. His parents, James and Mary in California, and extended family here are making plans to be on hand for the regents’ meeting.”

HSB Note: “Donovan removed his name yesterday from a list of people being considered for appointment to the Board of Regents by the governor. He remains executive director of the Hawaii Bowl for now.”

Praising the selection of Donovan, Dick Tomey (his head coach when he played at UH) said:
“I’m thrilled to death for him. He is well connected in the business community, he and (wife) Tracy are well loved at UH by everybody I’ve ever run into and he’s well respected by the coaches.” (HA)

About how HF was picked over Donovan last time, Tomey said:
“I thought that was a tragedy last time.” (HA)

About the AD process this time, Tomey said:
“It worked out just perfectly.” (HA)

Praising the selection of Donovan, Kent Untermann said:
“Jim is an incredibly passionate, hard-working, driven individual and will do a wonderful job for the university.” (HA)

Praising the selection of Donovan, Riley Wallace said:
“He’s everything they need. He’s an ex-player, a UH graduate, got a master’s in business. He has experience as an associate AD there and started a very good marketing program there. I think the coaches will like him, and he’s got good connections with coaches around the country and with ESPN through the Hawaii Bowl.” (HSB)

About how Donovan was Hinshaw’s choice, UH spokesman Gregg Takayama said:
“He was also the nominee of the screening committee.” (HSB)

Tim Lyons (JD’s former teammate) said in part of his e-mail supporting Donovan:
“Jim Donovan has a demonstrated track record of developing and nurturing long-term relationships with key leaders in business and government which will be necessary for the department to achieve its challenging objectives.” (HSB)

About how Donovan was key for getting the Hawaii Bowl established and ensuring that no deserving Warrior team would be left out of a bowl like his 2001 team was, Rolo said:
“For me that was a big thing, him bringing that back, because for our year … it was the year between the Oahu and the Aloha bowls, and the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. I think that him getting that back was good for not only the football program but the state. We needed that. So, I appreciate him doing that. I like how he handles himself, and I have no bad experiences with him. I think he’ll do a great job.” (HSB)

About HF, UH volleyball fan Clifton Satsuma said:
“I don’t want to criticize Herman Frazier, but it seemed like in his job he was a little aloof.” (HSB)

About the AD selection, Satsuma said:
“I thought Tomey was the perfect man, the perfect match. (But Donovan), that’s good too. He’s been around for quite some time.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Donovan, 48, is the living definition of “kamaaina.” He has lived in Hawaii since coming here in 1981 to play football at UH. He married a local woman, Tracy Orillo-Donovan, and they have two teenage children.”

Praising the selection of Donovan, UH volleyball fan Lori Wilhelm said:
“He has experience with getting more people aware of the program and everything. He one local boy but then has mainland ties.” (HSB)

“I think he’s experienced and younger, and he has a lot of experience with Hawaii.” (HSB)

Praising the selection of Donovan, UH men’s volleyball coach Mike Wilton said:
“Good. I think he’s a good choice.” (HSB)

HA Note: “At the reception celebrating his wedding to Tracy Orillo, another University of Hawai’i athletic department staffer, 19 years ago, Jim Donovan talked about family and dreams. The family he was starting, the one he already belonged to as a former UH offensive lineman, and where they might go together. Someday, Donovan said, a gleam in his eye, he aspired to be the athletic director.”

HA Note: “Donovan has a son, Joshua, who sleeps under a black and white picture of his father playing for UH and, we’re told, aspires to do the same. Friends and family will tell you 48-year-old Jim Donovan has been a Rainbow/Warrior practically since stepping off the plane on his recruiting trip in 1980. He wanted to sign as soon as someone could find a pen and hasn’t strayed far since. He worked a series of jobs at UH, sometimes sleeping in the then-Rainbow Stadium manager’s office, always climbing the career ladder. When he was passed over for promotion from associate athletic director to AD in 2002 in favor of Herman Frazier, Donovan moved out of UH but not far away, really, becoming executive director of the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl.”