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Matty Kiel chooses to walk on to UH instead of take a scholarship from Nevada!

March 7, 2008

About turning down Nevada, WR Kiel said:
“Nevada had a great campus, a great football environment. But I never liked Reno. If I’m going to be in a place for three years, why not shoot for the stars and go to the greatest place to vacation?” (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

SCS Note: “Nationally ranked Hawaii also runs a pass-friendly, spread-attack offense, which the program plans to continue despite a coaching change during the heart of recruiting season. Kiel has good hands, leaping ability and balance in the air, said Seahawks coach Bill Garrison. The receiver finished his two-year career at Cabrillo with 66 receptions for 1,263 yards and 20 touchdowns.”

SCS Note: “Kiel took an unofficial visit to Hawaii last month with Seahawks assistant Bassel Faltas, who was attending a football clinic on the big island. Kiel spoke with coaches from both the football and men’s volleyball teams on his trip. Kiel was the SCCAL MVP in boys volleyball as a senior at SLV. He said he hopes to also play volleyball for the Warriors, but emphasized that playing football is his top priority.”

About his plans at UH, Kiel said:
“I’m going to redshirt a year and have a year under my belt. I’m going to train hard and get faster, stronger and bigger.” (SCS)

SCS Note: “Newly named Hawaii football head coach Greg McMackin, promoted from within the program after June Jones took the top spot at Southern Methodist, told Kiel he plans to stick with the Warriors’ high octane offense. Last year, that offense produced a Heisman Trophy candidate in senior Colt Brennan and garnered the Warriors national attention. Hawaii was second in the nation in passing offense [439 yards per game] and third in total offense [512 ypg] in 2007, when it went 12-1 overall, 8-0 in the Western Athletic Conference.”

SCS Note: “Hawaii signed six receivers to scholarships on Feb. 6, the first day to sign national letters of intent. Five of the players — Craig Bell, Dustin Blount, Ryan Henry, Jovonte Taylor and Mike Tinoco — are junior college transfers. The sixth receiver, Earvin Sione, played quarterback last season.”

Confident he can compete with the recruits UH just signed, Kiel said:
“I’ve watched their highlights on the Web site. I have confidence I can go out and start just as well as these guys.” (SCS)

KFFL interview with Bess

March 7, 2008

Asked if he’s met with many teams, Bess said:
“I met with quite a few teams. I believe I had five formal interviews with teams.” (KFFL)

Asked which teams he would say are showing the most interest in him, Bess said:
“I met with quite a few teams, and every team I spoke with I got good vibes from. It’s just in the air, I really can’t tell right now.” (KFFL)

Asked if he had any idea where he would go in the draft, Bess said:
“I did a great job during my interviews with every team I met with. That’s pretty much in their hands right now. It’s a crazy day, the draft. Anytime you get picked, you get picked.” (KFFL)

Asked which team or what area of the country he would like to play in most, Bess said:
“To be honest, it doesn’t even really matter. I’ll be just so fortunate and so blessed just for the opportunity to get drafted by a team.” (KFFL)

Asked what factors caused him to skip his senior season, Bess said:
“A lot of factors. First of all, I met with my coach and we felt it was a great opportunity for me to forego my senior season. I started every game since I was a freshman, haven’t missed a game and just ready to take on the next phase of life, the next challenge. Everybody’s dream is to play in the NFL and be a professional athlete in sports, and I think I’m ready for that jump.” (KFFL)

Asked how he felt he performed at the combine, Bess said:
“I think I had a decent day. I didn’t have a really great 40 [40-yard dash] like I wanted to, but other than that I feel like I had a decent performance.” (KFFL)

Asked if he’s working on anything to improve on for his Pro Day, Bess said:
“I’m working on my starts on my 40 right now. I’m just going to run around some and do my 40 at the Pro Day.” (KFFL)

Asked if teams at the combine questioned him on the incident that caused him to lose his scholarship to Oregon State, Bess said:
“They didn’t assume anything, but they definitely asked me. I was very up-front and honest about it. A couple teams didn’t even bring it up. I actually threw it out there, because I knew they would come across it somehow or someway. Or either they were just waiting for me to bring it up, so I brought it up myself. Keep it in the open and keep it up front.” (KFFL)

Asked if he felt that incident may hurt him in the upcoming draft, Bess said:
“No, I don’t think so. Not one bit, because it was definitely a one-time deal. It was my first and last time ever being detained, so it was definitely a learning experience and in my past.” (KFFL)

Asked if he felt his receiving numbers over the past 3 seasons give him an advantage over players who only performed well for one or two years, Bess said:
“A lot of people say it’s because of the system and a lot of people watch really good film and say, “This kid’s a playmaker.” For every pro there’s a con. I feel like I worked hard during my time with Hawaii and it paid off. Hopefully some scouts will notice that I’m a hard worker and that I love the game.” (KFFL)

Asked how he responds to people who may think that the bulk of his numbers are a result of the system he played in, Bess said:
“I just tell them to throw on the tape. If you watch the tape, everything on the field can assist them. Situations where plays break down, strategizing and make things happen, catching the ball at three-to-five yards and making guys miss and taking them those extra few yards; that’s just natural ability and all the work paying off. That’s just being the kind of player that makes things happen.” (KFFL)

Asked if he responds the same way to people who may have concerns over his size, Bess said:
“Pretty much. You look at guys in the NFL now like [New England Patriots wide receiver] Wes Welker, [Carolina Panthers wide receiver] Steve Smith, [Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss], [Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver] Hines Ward even; those are guys who have been productive throughout their career. I hope to open some eyes for some teams.” (KFFL)

Asked if there is an NFL system he feels best fits his style of play, Bess said:
“Obviously a spread offense. I love to be in a spread offense, but if it so happens I go to a team with a pro offense I don’t think it would be a big deal to me adjusting.” (KFFL)

Asked if he sees himself as an inside WR or if he thinks he can play outside, Bess said:
“I think I can play both, but a lot of my film is of me inside. So I’m assuming whatever team takes me, I’ll play inside.” (KFFL)