The new uniforms are revealed

About having more green in their uniforms, Mack said:
“Hawai’i is beautifully green. It’s a big color here.” (HA)

“Under Armour did a great job with the design of the new uniforms. We wanted to add more green in the uniform and that went well with people around the community. So we’ll have green sleeves for our home jerseys and green pants for our away ones. We’ll also stick with the green helmets for both home and away games.” (UH)

HA Note: “Green was re-introduced as a prominent color in the Warriors’ new uniforms. Drawings of the new uniforms were unveiled during a news conference yesterday. The home uniforms will feature black jerseys with green numbers on the front, back and shoulder pads. The shoulder and biceps areas will have a kapa design. Also in green are the short sleeves and the word “Hawai’i,” which will replace “Warriors” on the front. The black pants will sport UH’s “H” logo and Under Armour’s logo. Under Armour recently won the apparel contract with the Warriors. The road uniforms have green in the same places as the home uniforms, only the road jersey has a white base. The road pants are green. The Warriors will continue to use dark green helmets. They no longer will use the silver road helmets.”

UH Note: “Some of the highlights of the 2008 uniform designs include:
· Use of the UH green in both the home and away uniforms was a priority
· The fabric on the jersey shoulders and sleeves has a tapa design.
· Instead of “Warriors” above the numbers, the “Hawai`i” brand is being used in order to provide greater university recognition. Also, the “Hawai`i” text size is larger for great visibility.
· The “H” brand is featured on the pants and above the player’s name on the back of the jersey.
· The distinctive UH tapa numbers are used on both uniforms.
· Only UH’s green helmet will be worn for both home and away games.
· The silver road uniform, including the jerseys, pants, and helmet, will not be continued.”

Mack said that black and green:
“are our colors. That’s something that’s important to bring out our tradition of having green as one of our (prominent) colors.” (HA)

“We’re bringing the green back into our uniform. We’re excited about getting the green back into Hawaii.” (HSB)

Happy that Mack is bringing green back to their uniforms, Dan Kelly said:
“I’m glad coach Mack wants to bring back the green. People like the green.” (HA)

About replacing Warriors with Hawai’i on the uniform, Mack said:
“The players have their names on their back. The most important name is on the front, and that’s ‘Hawai’i.’ That’s who we are. We are the Warriors from Hawai’i. We’re not changing that at all. But ‘Hawai’i’ is more state recognizable. We are Hawai’i. We’re Hawai’i’s team.” (HA)

“We are the University of Hawaii. We’re Hawaii’s football team. We’re going to put Hawaii at the top of our uniform.” (HSB)

About the importance of making their uniforms stylish, Mack said:
“If you look good, you play good.” (HA)

“My whole thing is for the players. I want them to be proud of what they’re wearing.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Polynesian tapa pattern is still featured, on the jersey shoulders and sleeves as well as the numbers.”

About the importance of their jersey, Kelly said:
“It does play into the mindset. If you don’t like a jersey, you’re thinking too much about how you look. It plays into the psyche a little bit.” (HA)

About how they could go all-green for special games starting in 2009, Mack said:
“In the future we might come out in all green.” (HSB)

About UA making them an all-green uniform for special games, Keith AhSoon said:
“That would be cool.” (HA)

HA Note: “Under Armour’s contract goes into effect in July. McMackin said the uniforms will be ready this summer. The old uniforms will be used during practices. Under terms of the contract, Under Armour will pay for the uniforms and the shoes.”

Praising the uniforms, LWJ said:
“From what I see in the pictures, they’re real nice. I like ’em, they’re cool.” (HSB)

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