Warrior Insider talks with Koreye Dixon

WI Note: “Warrior fanz are hoping that the football talent found at Lakewood will flow to Manoa. This summer three highly touted members of the Lakes HS football team attended the Rich Miano Football Camp at Manoa–Cavin Schmidtke QB, Jermaine Kearse WR, and Koreye Dixon WR. Kavario Middleton was scheduled to attend but a prior commitment to an AAU basketball function caused him to cancel.”

Asked how his season was going so far, Dixon said:
“so far we’re currently the number 1 team in the state and we’re 3-0. We look pretty good but there’s room for improvement.” (WI)

Asked what schools are recruiting him the most and if he has set up any visits yet, Dixon said:
“Right now it’s pretty much the local schools who are recruiting me the hardest. Eastern Washington, Washington State, Washington, Oregon State, and Oregon. I don’t really have a favorite but Eastern is the only to offer me.” (WI)

Asked how the UH camp went, Dixon said:
“Oh, the camp was great, and I love Hawaii. The weather was great, always things to do there and i met a lot of people. As far as the camp went…it was pretty good i got to work with a lot of other players and coaches. I had a groin injury that kind-a-slowed me down but overall it was a good experience.” (WI)

Asked how his relationship with their new QB (Calvin Schmidtke), Dixon said:
“His chemistry with the team is really good. He fit right in with the team and we’re good friends now. He knows how to be serious when we need to but away from football he’s a jokester.” (WI)

Asked if it was hard to get noticed by schools because he’s surrounded by players like Kearse and Middleton, which makes him underrated, Dixon said:
“yeah i would agree to that I’m pretty underrated but it isn’t really that hard for me to be noticed, i mean yeah they get alot of the attention but when coaches come to scout them they also come to see the rest of the talent that our team brings and that’s when i take advantage of my opportunities, but don’t get me wrong my team always comes first.” (WI)

Asked for his height, weight, and 40 time, Dixon said:
“5′9″ 165 and i last ran a 4.5 in the 40” (WI)


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